Página web profesional de Joan Pere Avariento, portafolio de las aplicaciones o proyectos en los que ha colaborado. Aplicaciones y proyectos relacionados con la geolocalización y la creación de aplicaciones y plataformas con mapas basadas en tecnología ESRI.

About Joan Pere

GIS Solutions Arquitect.
Platform deployments, data model design, developer and GIS analyst.
Adaptative and resilient; I like to contribute and add; I love working in group. Concerns about personal development and the continuous personal&professional evolution.

Joan Pere Avariento

I like the challenges and i don't care to go out of my comfort zone. I believe in the constant learning, recycling and in the personal and professional growth. It is possible learn from all the people because there will always be someone to do something better than you.

Some of the quotes that I like are:

  • "Opportuninites are not the fruit of casuality but a result of work" (Tonatihu)
  • "If we could first know where we are, and whither we are tending, we could then better judge what to do, and how to do it" (Abraham Lincoln)
  • "When you are asked if you can do a job, tell 'em, 'Certainly I can!' Then get busy and find out how to do it." (Franklin D. Roosevelt)
  • "El temps té molts noms. Per als dèbils és l'inassolible. Per als temerosos, el desconegut. I per als valents és l'oportunitat." (Víctor Hugo)


Since 2013 I have been working in GIS projects using ESRI technology. I have been three years working in Esri España as technical trainer. The courses that i taught was focused on GIS sistem architecture and development.

Technician skills allow you to be a good technician but the principles and aptitudes allow you to be a good professional. . I would personally I Personalmente highlight the following:

  • Thinking focused in solution
  • Curiosity curious to understand and to know why things
  • Resilience
  • I like team building and feel part of the team
  • Ability to learn and adapt very quickly
  • Ability to speak in public
I have realized that what motivates me most are the challenges, find solutions to problems and challenges.

The requirement analysis from different points of view (sector, final user, client, business...), as well as extensive knowledge of alltechnical GIS perspectives (data, GIS analysis, services, data modeling, system architecture, infrastructure and development) and the abstraction they provide an ideal base for plan and develop the best solutions to any problem present.

You can join different pieces of technology, or create these new connectors which join parts to obtain a new solution or obtain data that can provide added value.

The aim is to solve business problems by joining TI + Geolocation + bussines layer designing improvements in processes and results.

I love anything related with GIS. I have a Cartographic and Informatic professional profile and I have experience in any GIS facet:

  • Cartographic production
  • Databases Design, implementation and Maintenance (also corporate)
  • Developing Map Services, Feature Services, geoprocess,...
I have worked with LiDAR technology at my interships.It was a great oportunity to learn and work with LiDAR technology because the was new born in this sector while me. Then i could learn while company about flight planning, data acquistion, data processing and post processing.

I love to develop, it's a passion. I could spend many hours translating projects or ideas to a logic language. I have worked with several programming languages:

  • JavaScript
  • Java (Android)
  • Python
  • Android
  • C++
  • C#
  • I think that integrate technology and geospatial tools because they are two of the largest applied fields I know (with my respects to mathematics and physics).

I like people and also create and generate team. I have realized that in order to have a better work performance, people have to feel not only that they are part of the team, but that the work or the company is "theirs".

I worked in a Consultant as technical manager of the department, taking care of the technical management of the projects, of the clients and also of forming a team of junior technicians.

Previously, for three years I had the opportunity to lead the Nules School of Music. This experience enriched me a lot since I led a team of 17 people while having a committee.

I took a step forward and took this responsibility because at that time (about 2010) I had more free time (time I call it "the abyss" [abyss: time of impás and transition between the academic world and the working world ]), and I felt that I could return to music a bit of what it had brought to me.

This experience was very enriching because I was able to put into practice issues of business management, marketing or branding, relations with public institutions and especially personal / professional relationships between coworkers.